Hertfordshire Speakers Blog – 8th August 2016

“You attract people by the qualities you display. You keep them by the qualities you possess”.  – Unknown.
This quote certainly reflects this weeks Toastmasters meeting where we attracted 11 new visitors to the club, 2 DTM’s and a good turn out by the regulars. We also had 3 stunning speeches, a very amusing Table Topics session,  an announcement of a forthcoming  Humorous Speech competition, and a well organised program.
The evening was presided over by Davina, our President, who  took on the additional role of Toastmaster thereby setting down the quality  standard for year ahead.
It was a quality evening all round with all three speeches being thought provoking and well executed.
Saravana was doing his 3rd speech from the CC manual – which is good going as he has only been a member for 6 weeks!
His ‘Getting to the Point ‘ speech entitled Food Scarcity made our thought look towards the outside world by making us think about how much we waste in terms of  food and energy despite knowing that there is so much scarcity in the poorer regions of our world. Images, facts and memorable phrases were delivered with confidence, passion and clarity.
 Myriam made us think about how we approach our day to day lives with her 4th speech, (The Way You Say It),  entitled Ownership. Her excellent story telling of how she overcame the destructive attitudes of an old boss taught us a new way to assess  and manage our lives. It was a delight to see her take over the stage and deliver a clear, entertaining and inspiring speech – even with the loud air conditioning, and tannoy announcements.
The veteran Mark Thomas was our final speaker for the evening on ‘Mastering Meditation’ and he made us think about how we think inside ourselves by providing us with the theory and a practical ‘minds on’ demonstration. He was able to deliver this using phrases and a pace that kept within the ‘rhythm of the heart’ – thereby making us even more relaxed by the break.
Damian was our Table Topics Master for this evening, and he provided us with a very entertaining set of scenarios based on ‘Every Cloud has a Silver Lining’, and then getting 7 members to come up and talk about subjects such a divorce, death, and terminal illness. Everyone stepped up to the mark and delivered some great stories – must have been helped by the mindfulness training that was done Mark earlier.
So what else did we learn from the session and from our evaluators – who all gave thoughtful and useful feedback to all those who contributed to a great evening.
It’s was great to hear from the visitors – which included a comedian, and entire family with a baby, and a public speaker! Well Done to David and Myriam for all the PR and social media work in attracting so much interest.
This weeks accolades  go to Kevin for Table Topics, Phil for evaluator, and Myriam for best speaker.
And finally there is a Table Topics and Humorous Speech competition coming up on either the 12 or 22nd of September – organisers and speakers required.
Next meeting same place same time on the 22nd August.
Phil Carey