Meeting 2016-07-11

The Way We Socialize

The first meeting of the Toastmasters New Year got off to a great start with a warm welcome from new President, Davina Malcolm. The evening’s agenda of three prepared speeches and a Table Topics session was skilfully managed by Toastmaster, Peter Ford, with characteristic humour.
Congratulations to Myriam Sacile, who collected her first ever ‘Best Speaker Award’ for her speech titled ‘’The Way We Socialize’’ Myriam’s speech reminded us of the importance of not neglecting real-life relationships for those on social media. Myriam encouraged us to make a real effort to get out there and meet more new people rather than just networking online. Myriam’s speech was fitting as we enjoyed another fun and sociable evening at David Lloyd’s where we were joined by three new guests. The way we socialise at Hertfordshire Speakers always makes for a fun and friendly atmosphere which makes the learning more fun and the speeches evermore engaging.

Enlightening and engaging best describe the Advanced speech –‘Exploding Leadership’ – by Belinda Naylor-Staples. ’’Belinda shared leadership lessons from both her successes and failures in the business world. Belinda then took the time to practically show us that Leadership is for everyone not just managers. Belinda used members of the audience to show that by using the game of patience we can organise out thoughts and ourselves to be effective leaders at work and in business.
The final speech by Saravana Goteti was speech #3 from the Competent Communicator manual. Entitled ‘Perception vs Reality’ it was a confident and thought-provoking speech.
Hazel Smith’s creative questions on familiar life situations made the Table Topics session fun for both guests and members.

During the Just-A-Minute session, John Kendall, outgoing Area Director, handed over the badge of office to the in-coming Area Director, Elizabeth Jordan,and wished her well in the coming year.

The evening ended with the presentation of awards to the winners: Myriam Sacile won the award for ‘Best Speaker’; Mark Thomas and David Banfro won the award for ‘Best Table Topics’ speaker and Mark Thomas won the award for ‘Best Evaluator’.

You can see highlights of all the speeches (or only Myriam’s ???) on youtube please click the link to enjoy.

David Banfro, VPPR