meeting 2016-07-25

Another Great Evening 25th July 2016

The danger of speaking too much is that it becomes….contagious. And that certainly was the case and this week meeting at Hertfordshire Speakers Club. Where all guests and members participated in a thoroughly entertaining and enthralling evening at David Lloyd’s in Hatfield.


Mohammed Raza

Mohammed Raza opened proceedings with his inspiring and heart-felt speech “Don’t Give Up” Mohammed inspired us with his own personal rags to riches story. He left us us with the inspirational message that if focus on our goals and don’t give up then anything is possible.


John Kendall using slides

Immediate Past Area Director, John Kendall, educated us on the possible organisational changes in our region with a speech titled “Realignment.” John informed us that as the Toastmasters organisation becomes increasingly popular and ever expanding that the chances are that certain clubs may have to move region and division. John presented the changes well to us so we all understood and allowed us to express our opinions in a Q&A session at the end. As John said in his speech “Change is good” so we look forward to any upcoming changes for our organisation.

Congratulations to Bev Rimmer, a guest speaker from North Herts, who collected the award for the Best Speaker for the night with her speech titled “To Win or Toulouse, That Is The Question” Bev entertained us with her stories of her backpacking adventures all over Europe using visual aids to bring life to her story

Giada Soprani turned us all into sales people with her creative and entertaining Table Topics session which encouraged us to sell everyday household appliances to our audience. Our guest Andy Arter shone particularly well at this and subsequently picked up the awarded for Best Table Topics Speaker.

The evening ended with the presentation of awards to the winners: Bev Rimmer won the award for ‘Best Speaker’; Andy Arter won the award for ‘Best Table Topics’ speaker and Peter Ford won the award for ‘Best Evaluator.’

We look forward to another exciting evening at Hertfordshire Speakers Club on Monday 8th August.