Process for Becoming a Member at Hertfordshire Speakers Club

This is an easy process that the Vice President Membership (VPM) or Vice President Public Relations (VPPR) will be able to help you with.

How do you start?

  1. Fill in the membership form MemberAppLatestVersion27-9-12 with your name, address, contact details and the club details: Club Number: 6327, District: 71. You can fill in a hard copy of the form and give this to the VPM or VPPR who will pass it on to the Treasurer or you can go on line and complete the form there and email it directly to our club Treasurer, Jacob Kallergis Email: (  ) You will still need to print off a copy of the membership form and give a hard copy to the VPM or VPPR as this is a requirement by Toastmasters International. However, by completing the membership form on line, you speed up the process of completing your membership application.

2.            The next step is to pay your membership fee – contact the Jacob for the quickest and simplest way to pay.


  1. How much is the membership fee?

The membership fee is £11/month.  Membership fee is due every six months membership (Oct-Mar and Apr –Sept) or you can pay £132 for a full year.  As a new member you are also required to pay £20 as a one-off payment your manuals

Your payment will include membership of Toastmasters International; a monthly magazine; your first 2 booklets; meeting room costs and the chance to speak and have fun.

If you join later in the year, you will be charged a pro-rata amount.

Example: A guest wishing to apply for membership at the start of June will pay

4 (Months) x £11 = £44 plus £20 (for manuals) = £64

  1. The Treasurer will process the payments with World Headquarters and inform the VPM, VPE   and VPPR when the transaction has been completed.
  2. The VPM introduces the new member at the next Club meeting
  3. The Mentoring Officer will assign the new member a mentor and they can discuss how soon the new member is ready to take on a role or do a speech.


Davina Malcolm

September 2016



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