Pathways is the New Education Program that is being rolled out to our club from 20th Match 2018


A President’s 2 min Table Topic Explanation of Pathway’s

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Pathways Cheat Sheet 

Pathways Cheat sheet

What is Pathways

In the 2010 strategic plan, the Toastmasters Board of Directors called for the education program to be revitalized. The Board stressed the need to modernize the communication track as well as renew the focus on leadership learning in the leadership track.

The traditional education program has served Toastmasters for many years. However, much of the communication track hasn’t been updated since the 1970s. The Toastmasters Pathways learning experience is not a departure from the current program, because it builds on the established educational foundation. Pathways is a modernized learning experience suited to our changing global society. It offers you more benefits and more opportunities to learn, grow and meet personal and professional goals. You now have the opportunity to develop additional skills you can use not just in your club, but at your job or in your community as well.

If you would like to learn more about the history and development of Pathways, watch this video series.

Quick access to Understanding Pathways.

We are fortunate that both Elizabeth Jordan and John Kendall have already started Pathways, and Elizabeth has recommended the following Links

Pathways Learning Experience – This has been collated by D57 the first region to roll-out Pathways and is full of useful resources

How to access Pathways Online
 About Pathways – An Ambassadors and guides presentation

Pathways Overview

  • Modernize the program (dates from 1970’s)
  • Provide online access to all materials
  • Focus content on skills needed today
  • More flexibility to meet member goals
  • Improve retention with early & frequent recognition
  • Retain core Toastmasters principles & concepts


The Paths

There are 10 Paths

1.     Motivational Strategies





2.     Presentation Mastery

3.     Leadership Development

4.     Innovative Planning

5.     Visionary Communication

6.     Strategic Relationships

7.     Dynamic Leadership

8.     Persuasive Influence

9.     Effective Coaching

10.  Team Collaboration

11   Engaging Humour


Each path is made up of five levels of increasing complexity. The program is designed this way, so you’re always building on what you learned in the previous level. All learning paths contain the following levels:

  • Level 1: Mastering Fundamentals
  • Level 2: Learning Your Style
  • Level 3: Increasing Knowledge
  • Level 4: Building Skills
  • Level 5: Demonstrating Expertise

Every path has required and elective projects. Path recognition is achieved when a member completes 14 projects across all 5 levels—a combination of 10 required projects and 4 elective projects chosen from a comprehensive list covering a variety of subjects. Each project includes at least one speech. Though members are required to complete 4 elective projects, they have the option to complete as many as they would like.


Essential Reading before selecting your path in Pathways

The Toastmaster website and pathways material is quite confusing and lacking in the essential details that you need when selecting a path so I would recommend you review these two documents before making your selection.

Before you commit to a path look at these:-


One Page Infographic Overview of all 10 paths

infographic draft 4

Summary version of the 10 paths with descriptions on all the options per level.



Paths in detail  document – describes the option in more detail


The Icebreaker – the first thing you present on your chosen path

8101 Ice Breaker


Getting Started with Pathways – The Hertfordshire Speakers Video Series

These videos are designed to get you up and running with your first Icebreaker and to successfully navigate the Toastmaster site – (which is a bit of a nightmare!)

Logging on if you have lost your Toastmasters Password.

First look at Pathways

Researching your path before selecting it

Selecting your path

Getting Started on your Icebreaker

When you have done this – book a speaking slot in the normal way.

After the Icebreaker -The Evaluation speech



Preparing for the Evaluation Speech



Good Luck













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